Hemp Wick (25 Ft)

Hemp Wick (25 Ft)

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What’s The Difference?
Want a HEALTHIER way to inhale? Switch to an all-natural OrganicFlame hemp wick! Flavor is number one for smokers. Why taint it with a flint and butane lighter? Well, it’s the same reason cigar smokers all over the world are already using our wick regularly. Flavor is key when you’re choosing to inhale anything. For camping, OrganicFlame is prefect, survival kit, peppers kit and backpacking.

– Better health
– Light up without the butane and chemicals
– Waterproof
– Long-lasting
– Easy to use and transport

How To Use Our Hemp Wick:
– Wrap it around a lighter
– Use it to light Cigars or tobacco products
– Use it to light Medical Cannabis
– Lighting candles
– Camping / Bonfire Starter
– Wrap it around plants to attract bees (i.e. help pollination)
– Waterproof fire starter
– Natural and Organic BBQ Lighter
– Plant and garden ties

The Organic Flame Process:
Hemp Wick is their passion and they do not take it lightly! They take small farm, ethicly sourced, Michigan beeswax combine it with just the right amout of organic honey and add that to their all natural American hemp to give you an ideal recipe for the the best burn quality, feel and aroma. Each Organic Flame roll is then hand spun by an OrganicFlame certified employee before being hand inspected and sent to you!