Uses of Hemp

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Discovering the New World, early explorers relied on Hemp to provide the rigging, pennants, sails, oakum and paper for their maps and logs. With advancements in technology Industrial Hemp can now be processed into an incredible array of applications ranging from bio-fuels to skin care products with new uses still to be found.

Industrial Hemp Raw Materials        

Fibers have high tensile strength and are used in textiles, cordage, insulation, plastic composites, paper products and automotive components.

Hurd (the woody inner-core) is very light and absorbent. Used in animal bedding, hemp-based building material and bio-composites among other products.

Flower of the cannabis plant is where the cannibinoids are naturally produced. Medicines like CBD and other isolates are derived or extracted from the flower.

Seeds are extremely nutritious and high in protein and healthy omegas. They are used in oils, protein powders, soaps, lotions, paints, solvents, and fuel.



Advantages to Farming Industrial Hemp

Drought-Resistant      |       Increase Soil Productivity

Industrial Hemp can be grown on unproductive land and between seasons and can even be used to enrich soil which has become leached of minerals. It is a great rotation crop and has been noted for its incredible ability to actually filter and clean polluted soil in a process called, phytoremediation.

Better Than Cotton

Industrial Hemp consumes 6x less water and produces double the fiber of cotton per acre produced. Industrial Hemp can also be grown using no herbicides or pesticides. Cotton accounts for half the pesticide use in the U.S.



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George Washington encouraged all citizens to sow hemp seed and did so himself. The fiber of the plant was critical to manufacturing canvas and cloth for military purposes. In colonial times you were even allowed to pay your taxes with cannabis hemp.



Thomas Jefferson experimented with seed types and bred improved hemp varieties. Also, as the decorticaton process is a very difficult and labor intensive task he invented a special brake for crushing the plant’s stems during fiber processing.