About Us

The Team

Ryan Doherty

Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Doherty leads Hemp Ventures sales and marketing activities in addition to developing new hemp based products and processes for material production. Experienced in supply chain operations, production planning, inventory management, new product development, logistics, and integrated business process management. Ryan excels at working with customers to understand new applications for Hemp Ventures materials in existing product lines. He has an unyielding drive in his pursuit of a viable, sustainable and profitable hemp fiber supply chain in North America that benefits the farmers and the planet. 


John Lupien

Chief Innovations Officer

John possesses over 30 years of experience in hemp related research, businesses and technology development. These achievements include the development of patents and the production of the first ever US grown and processed hemp-cotton blend yarn at commercial scale. For the past 15 years he has been intimately involved with the development, testing, and operation of decortication and related equipment in conjunction with cotton ginning and ultra-fine milling. He has also been working with advanced green chemistry technologies to advance the wet processing of fiber and conversion of hemp hurd into novel industrial materials, such a nanomaterials, plastics, and cellulosic fibers. John's unparalleled knowledge pertaining to supply chains, processing technologies, material properties, and product development drives innovation and guides strategy at Hemp Ventures.


The Logo

Hemp Ventures logo is meant to give a new face to the cannabis plant. It is a representation of the cross section of a hemp stalk. The layers show the hallow pith, hurd, fiber and epidermis.